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Kint M:
11:02:20 PM
Welcome to the Microsoft Answer Desk!
My name is Kint and how may I help you today?
11:02:26 PM
I have just purchased Windows 8.1 download edition
but, I can’t download it – the download link gives me an EXE file and not the ISO file for Windows 8.1
I don’t have a PC with windows running in order to run the exe file
Kint M:
11:03:49 PM
That’s a very tough situation to be in. Let’s work together to turn this around immediately.
May I have your full name, email address and phone number please? It is for my documentation.
11:04:04 PM
Anthony Franco
Kint M:
11:04:51 PM
Thank you Anthony.
May I know what operating system you are currently using? Is it MAC?
11:05:14 PM
yes, mac
I want to install windows on bootcamp
Kint M:
11:05:56 PM
I see.
For you to be able to download the ISO file for Windows 8, you will really need to download it using a computer that is running Windows.
You may need to ask someone you know that are using Windows computer Anthony.
11:07:13 PM
I want a refund
Kint M:
11:08:23 PM
May I know why you want a refund Anthony?
11:08:53 PM
In order for me to use your product, I need to have a copy of your product to use it
do you understand the irony in that ?
I don’t want to support a company that makes it this difficult to buy from them
are you still there ?
Kint M:
11:11:07 PM
Yes I’m still here.
11:11:10 PM
your website is now giving me errors that i’m not signed in anymore
Kint M:
11:12:28 PM
I understand where you are coming from Anthony.
How about this, purchasing the back up disc for Windows 8.
11:13:42 PM
so, make another purchase and wait for it to arrive in the mail ?
Kint M:
11:14:19 PM
Yes Anthony. approximately for about 5 to 10 business days.
11:14:48 PM
that is not an acceptable solution
Kint M:
11:15:59 PM
Alright Anthony, for the refund, It is best that you contact our Microsoft store.
I can provide you there contact information.
11:16:25 PM
Kint M:
11:16:30 PM
You can reach them at this number 1-877-696-7786 .
Thank you for contacting Microsoft Answer Desk. Have a good day!
Your Answer Tech has ended your chat session. Thanks for visiting Answer Desk.


  1. Not a fanboy of either OS, but you should try to do something apple related…like upload an app to the app store, without a Mac. No garden is walled, quite like the Apple garden is walled.

  2. being a developer and uploading an app to the app store is completely different than attempting to get Microsoft’s flagship product installed after i paid for it… In this circumstance, I was just a customer wanting to install windows on my computer.

    I was able top go out and buy it on CD – and the install process itself is horrifically bad. I think Microsoft has lost the ability to truly manage their products. They’ve focused on better design, but they have lost usability and utility to design and architecture

  3. Hi Anthony,,,,,,this request may sound strange but I’m trying to contact Robert Neidig. He is/was a member of our group of ex IBM FE white Plains (NY) Branch Office Alums from the 50’s to the 90’s…..I recently started getting ‘Undeliverable’ replies when sending monthly updates to his IBM ID?? I hope he is OK. You can check us/me out on our blog I’d love to get in touch with Bob, but only had his IBM ID. Can you help?? I’m David Semple ( IBM 1967-1997 Thanks..

  4. Wow….that wasn’t pleasant! Was cringing the whole way through the transcript. Even withstanding the possibility some of the discourse was summarized (understandable), I’d have to say that was one of single worst support calls I’ve ever heard. Even if the agent wasn’t well-informed, surely MS could’ve done much better one would think. Am curious if there were any follow-ups and if they went differently? (Full-disclosure: I am not in any way affiliated with MS…just genuinely curious.)

  5. No followups from them – and I gave up on getting a refund after 3 calls in to support…

    If I didn’t HAVE to run windows for Solidworks, I would never use it

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