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Interesting article today on Flurry (and also summarized on

We’ve been internally debating about Apple’s continued dominance in the smart-phone market. I’ve taken the position that Apple will be the leader for at least 4 years, it appears I may have been understating it bit.

Looking at the chart above, it becomes clear that Apple is leading the iPhone/Android usage metrics by 3 fold. But what what the report also goes on to suppose is that iPod touch users (assumed to be mostly kids that do not have a cell phone yet)  will eventually migrate to iPhone users. To me this seems like pretty sound logic.

The article also goes on to theorize that since most iPod touch users are also very heavy social networkers, they will help influence the entire market…

I’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think the mobile market is going… who do you think is going to be the dominant force in 2015 ?

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